What exactly is Cats Over Kids?

It’s about cats. It’s about fun. It’s also about celebrating the childfree lifestyle, where a growing number of people are eschewing societal norms and expectations when it comes to having kids.

Tune in to episodes where we discuss beer, wine, travel, the childfree movement, reproductive rights, and of course, cats.

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The Podcasters

Your hosts, Jared and Teresa, currently live in the Pacific Northwest with, you guessed it, our cats.

We love traveling, games, languages, good drinks, good times, good cats (and even the bad ones).

The Cats

Collectively referred to as the “Pastry Kitties

Muffin (born 12/4/2005) is the sassy queen of the house. She’s super bonded to Teresa and is very sensitive to change. She hates Cannoli, tolerates Jared, and occasionally enjoys head licks from Biscuit. Her favorite things are having a secluded space to nap, fresh water, face rubs, and catnip bananas. She is one of the quietest Siamese you’ll ever meet.

Nicknames: Muffy, Muffybutt, Slutfin (due to her amorous nature around men), Queen Muffin, MuffMuff, Moofin

Biscuit (born c. 2004-2005) was found as a stray in the middle of a cold, Alaskan winter, and no one claimed him. He had been declawed by his previous owner, so to make up for that trauma, he’s been a spoiled kitty ever since. He’s extremely talkative and commands the attention of all who are near him. His favorite things include snacks, his stuffed white mouse toy, catnip bananas and rainbows, being spooned, second breakfast, and getting his kick spot scratched.

Nicknames: Bisky, Mr. Biscuit, Mr. Bee, BizzyBee, Chonky Boi, Bisquick

Cannoli (born c. 05/04/2018) is the youngest kitty. He was adopted a few months after one of the original Pastry Kitties, Cupcake, passed in 2018. He was found in a chicken coop and was the last kitten to be adopted from his litter. He loves snacks, watching you poop, getting the zoomies, being a naughty boy, chewing on every cable and hairtie he can find, and playing with his toy jingle balls.

Nicknames: Canoodles, Spooky Kitty, Chonker


In Memoriam, Cupcake

Cupcake was our tuxedo kitty, who passed 5/01/2018 after a long battle of kidney disease and cat herpes. She was rescued from a local no-kill shelter in fall 2006, and despite having numerous health issues, lived a surprisingly long and happy life. She was a very sweet kitty who sneezed a lot, stole food from your plate, and loved Biscuit.